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The Ferrari Land attractions will leave you breathless. Experience the incredible rush of riding in a GT, feel the speed of F1 and enjoy the fastest and highest vertical accelerator in Europe.

Discover Ferrari Land and its attractions and games


A journey through the history of Ferrari

In this impressive space within the spectacular Ferrari Experience building, you will go on an interactive journey where you will discover the details of the history of the legendary Italian motor-racing team.


Discover the F1TM of Ferrari

Enjoy the F1 experience inside the Ferrari Experience building, the heart of Ferrari Land. Step inside the dome that surrounds you and which will make you feel the adrenaline of an F1TM.


Discover the GT of Ferrari

Tour the whole world in an extraordinary lap. Feel what this remarkable journey would be like inside a Ferrari GT.


The highest and fastest
vertical accelerator in Europe

Experience the full range of F1TM sensations on a spectacular ride with an 880-metre route, accelerating from 180 km/h in just 5 seconds and reaching a maximum height of 112 metres.

Would you like to find out more? Below, discover more things you didn’t know and become an expert on the technology and innovation of this legendary brand:

The carriages look like real F1TM cars, with the exclusive Ferrari Rosso Corsa racing red designed by the FIA.

4200 m3 of concrete will be used in construction, half of the amount used to build Camp Nou, the FC Barcelona stadium.

The accelerator tower will stand 112 metres high, the same as the Torre Realia skyscraper in Barcelona.

The route of the accelerator is 880 m long, the equivalent of 7 football pitches.

The ride is supported by 161 pillars and 3 foundations with a depth of 6 m.

Construction of the highest and fastest vertical accelerator in Europe / Construction of Ferrari Land

This ambitious project started to take shape in early 2016 with a great team of specialised professionals who put everything together perfectly. A great job from the very first stone laid to the careful placement of the highest point of the attraction: The Summit of Ferrari Land.

A year from the start, the trademark of the legendary Italian brand, the Ferrari Shield, arrived in Ferrari Land. The first “Prancing Horse”, 12 m high and weighing 9 tonnes, is already at the front of the accelerator.

Ferrari Land / Highest point / PortAventura World Parks & Resort

7 things you didn’t know about the Vertical Accelerator


Feel like a professional Ferrari driver as you take the wheel of an authentic F1TM simulator. A unique opportunity to explore brand new sensations at the wheel of a Ferrari.

Enjoy this attraction with the whole family thanks to the 8 simulators for both adults and children (6 simulators for adults and 2 simulators for children).

*Game subject to payment


Feel the rush of adrenaline as you descend the exclusive mechanical gear of Ferrari Land, in a thrilling 55-metre-high free fall.

Interesting facts:

You will climb aboard a gigantic model of engine pistons.

It will be constructed entirely of stainless steel and sheet metal on the outside.


Feel the movement of genuine Ferrari engine pistons under your skin. Movement in two directions as you are launched first upwards towards the sky before descending back down towards the ground again.

Interesting facts:

The “Bounce-back Tower” will reach a height of 55 metres, equivalent to two basketball pitches, one stacked on top of the other.

The name “Bounce-back Tower” comes from the exclusive mechanical gear that will not only allow you to descend at full speed, but also to continuously travel back up and down as if controlled by a piston gear.


Enjoy a dose of healthy competition on a 570 m race track; a wonderful experience for the whole family. Feel like a real F1TM driver on the circuit of the legendary Ferrari motor-racing team.


Make the most of the twists and turns on an attraction that you can ride next to your favourite co-drivers: your family.


Have fun on the intertwined slides in this area of Ferrari Land. The youngest family members will create their own adventures and make friends by sliding through Ferrari Land’s fun labyrinth of slides.


Do you want to feel the adrenaline felt by F1TM mechanics?

You must have seen motor races, and the frenetic speed at which F1TM mechanics work when vehicles arrive in the pit lane.

Discover the most enjoyable boxes and compete together with your team in the quickest technical stop at Ferrari Land. Adjust the tyres of a F1TM car in the least time possible, and win the competition as a real race mechanic!

*Game subject to payment

*Game subject to payment